Trying Not to Run Into The Arms Of The Doctor…

I’ve always had commitment issues.  Getting comfortable tends to make me nervous rather than cozy and my entire life I’ve decided to run rather than stay and sweat out the tough stuff.  My husband has been working tirelessly to squeeze my restless soul out of me and certainly having children has forced me to stay in one spot.  However, I can still be fickle hearted with my entertainment choices.

Enter the dilemma.

As previously mentioned, I went ahead and started downloading some New Who from ITunes.  I was inspired by the lovely conversation I had with the venerable JC and the wickedly witty Rita and how the tone in their collective voice seemed to lighten when Dr.Who was mentioned.  Always having been an old doctor fan, I gave it a shot and was hooked.  Hooked as in downloaded two more episodes as soon as the first was over.

I tried to get my husband involved in the Dr.Who experience, only to have him shake his head and refuse to watch with me until we finish Being Human.  I grit my teeth. I battered my tiny fists against his chest.  I pouted.  He just won’t watch with me until he’s seen Being Human through.  I appreciate his commitment, but I have to say that I just don’t share it.

Something seemed to happen for me when the show went into the third season.  I really enjoyed the dynamic between George and Nina as their formerly passionate relationship turned sour and awkward in the second season.  I was impressed by the dialogue between them as they dissected their disappointment with each other and must admit it was some pretty insightful and brilliant stuff for a fantasy series.  I also enjoyed the creepy doors popping up to drag poor Annie to the other side and Mitchell’s rapid descent into darkness.  I’m not sure what I was expecting from the third season but it seems suddenly and inexplicably cheesy to me now.

Is it the writing?  Am I tired of the concept?  Did I make the mistake of starting Dr.Who and stumbling across something I simply enjoyed more?  If I had my druthers I would probably abandon Being Human totally to immerse myself in what I fear is going to be my newest obsession.  However, I have my hubby there, once again, yanking on my choke chain and forcing me to sit and examine exactly why I’ve lost interest in what is undeniably a very entertaining series.

I shall learn from this.  I shall watch the rest of the season and then move on with at least a clearer idea of what I didn’t like about it.  I suppose a world where people became a little bored and ran away from everything would result in a planet full of unparented children and broken marriages, half finished projects and incomplete conversations, burned dinners and empty lecture hall seats….  I will stick it out, fellow nerds and maybe even learn a thing or three in the process.