Transmissions From Atlantis Officially Part of Ascendio 2012

Transmissions From Atlantis is deeply honored to be accepted as a podcaster for Ascendio 2012. We will be broadcasting from the Common Room at the Loewes Portofino Bay Hotel at Universal Orlando from 10am to 11am. We’ll of course be attending the Con, so you’ll also see us around. While Rita will be in CosPlay as Narcissa Malfoy, I’ll be wearing my trademark hat (hats are cool) and various Doctor Who T-Shirts.

Is amazing to see our tiny little podcast actually on the Ascendio 2012 schedule among well known podcasts like the legendary Mugglecast.

If you’re attending Ascendio 2012, be sure to stop by the common room and join us!

A list of the podcasts at Ascendio 2012 –