Timestamp #128: Enlightenment – The ESO Broadcasting Network

Timestamps Featured ImageDoctor Who: Enlightenment The Black Guardian Trilogy, Part III (4 episodes, s20e17-e20, 1983)   Mawdryn high and Terminus low, finish strong by Enlightenment‘s glow? In true K9 style, Turlough is playing chess with Tegan while she helps the Doctor diagnose the TARDIS. For whatever reason, the time capsule is losing power, bathing the console room in spoo-OO-ooky orange emergency lighting… which I actually kind of liked. Through a series of echoing voices, the Doctor decides to ramp up the power and invite an old friend onboard. The White Guardian appears and transmits a broken message of danger before the Black Guardian […]

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Myopia: Defend Your Childhood – Myopia Mornings: Ren and Stimpy (1991) – The ESO Broadcasting Network

This week we put on the ol’ footie pajamas and watched a Saturday Morning classic, you just better hope the parents were sleeping in. We discuss the John K and Bob Camp classic Ren and Stimpy, focusing mainly on the first two seasons, when John K and Billy West were doing the voices and John K was still on the project. For this episode we watched episodes: Space Madness In the Army Ren’s Toothache Rubber Nipple Salesmen Sven Hoek The Royal Canadian Kilted Yaksmen Enjoy!

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Flashback review: ‘Kingsman: The Secret Service’ (2015) – The ESO Broadcasting Network

“Kingsman: The Secret Service” (2015) is one of those love it or hate it movies — you’ll know within a few minutes whether it’s a movie for you. The British action-comedy both celebrates and sends-up spy movie tropes, with lots of wacky, over-the-top action sequences and gadgets, as well as Samuel L. Jackson as a decidedly unique villain. In the middle of it all, Colin Firth maintains his classic, debonair poise as a spy who serves as a mentor to a young man with a chip on his shoulder but lots of promise (Taron Egerton). Although I sadly missed the […]

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Myopia: Defend Your Childhood – Episode 126: Anaconda (1997) – The ESO Broadcasting Network

We did it, finally. We got to the movie that made me realize there were bad movies in the world. I was at a sleepover in 6th grade and thought this would be scary, but not only was it not scary, I laughed at the terribleness. Strange days. Anyway, this week we watched Anaconda, which, since it had Jennifer Lopez in it, the anaconda did want some, because she has buns…hon. Unfortunately, it was stymied by a pick-axe and an Ice Cube. How will you stand when we put your past on trial? Host: Nic Hoffmann Panel: Daniel and Zack

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‘Murder Never Knocks’ Book Review By Ron Fortier – The ESO Broadcasting Network

Murder Never Knocks Book Review By Ron FortierMURDER NEVER KNOCKS By Mickey Spillane & Max Allan Collins Titan Books 249 pages All Mike Hammer mysteries contain a fair amount of action, gun battles and bloodshed but at the moment we’re having a really hard time thinking of another one that comes this saturated with violence. From the first page, wherein Hammer is confronted in his own offices by a hired killer, this story roars out of the chute like a crazed bull at a western rodeo; stomping down anyone unlucky enough to be caught in its path of destruction. Someone has put out a contract on Hammer […]

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