Episode 137 – Stranger Things 2

JC and Rita are in the upside down and loving every minute of it. We talk Stranger Things 2, plus Thor Ragnarok and the 13th Doctor’s new look – revealed!

All this and much more on Transmissions From The Upside Down…er Atlantis!

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Cigar Nerds Podcast Episode 81: Return to the Upside Down – The ESO Network

The Cigar NerdsCigar Nerds Podcast Episode 81: Return to the Upside Down. Warm up your Eggos it’s time to go back to Hawkins and check in with the Upside Down. This week we are discussing Stranger Things Season 2 and see what the Hawkins AV club are getting into this time. In Science we have Robot Battles, AIs that write horror, the first robot citizen, and hidden chambers in the Great Pyramid and is there a stargate. In News we talk about Thor’s opening weekend, a Lord of The Rings TV series, Fast and the Furious Beef, more micro transactions, and Star […]

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Beyond a galaxy far, far away: My favorite new canon Star Wars novels – The ESO Network

Although I’m definitely known as “the movie gal” amongst my friends, I really love books too. And since one movie a year isn’t nearly enough Star Wars for me, 😉 it’s nice to have Star Wars novels to help tide me over. A lot of the Star Wars books I’ve read in the past are now, unfortunately, non-canon; Disney retired the old Expanded Universe novels — with characters like Mara Jade, the Solo twins Jacen and Jaina, and Luke’s son, Ben Skywalker — when they decided to make more movies. While I was originally sad about this, I understand that […]

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