Cigar Nerds Podcast Episode 85: Bright Idea – The ESO Network

The Cigar NerdsCigar Nerds Podcast Episode 85: Bright Idea. Bad Orcs, Bad Orcs, what’cha gonna do? This week we are discussing a revolutionary new cop drama Netflix’s Bright. Staring Will Smith and Joel Edgerton, it’s Training Day meets Lord Of The Rings, and represents a new way to release big budget movies. In science we discuss Aliens, cars that read your mind, 2018 space exploration, and poop lights. In news we discuss Fox’s fate post Disney, Black Panther music, a 2nd season of The Gifted, the return of Animaniacs, Spiderman Homecoming 2, Slender Man the movie, and are super hero movies killing […]

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Cigar Nerds Podcast Episode 84: State of the MCU – The ESO Network

The Cigar NerdsCigar Nerds Podcast Episode 84: The State of the MCU. To infinity stones and beyond! Way back on episode 3 we talked about the Marvel Cinematic Universe and in the 3 years we’ve been podcasting so many more movies have been added to that list. So with the Black Panther and Infinity War coming in the new year we thought it was time to talk about what has led us to this point and update our MCU discussion. In science we discuss Voyager 1 reboot, glitter bombs, bullet proof t-shirts, and people with no imagination. In News we talk about […]

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The Monster Scifi Show Podcast – Celebrating Stan Lee – The ESO Broadcasting Network

Here is a change of pace for The Monster Scifi Show Podcast. As in past shows, I spoke about the passing of certain celebrities as my way of honoring them. For this podcast, I will be talking about Stan Lee. This is my way of celebrating this very influential person who helped shape Marvel Comics. Finally, here is the link to my survey. By filling this out, you are truly supporting me and this podcast.

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Episode 130 – The 13th Doctor – Is the Future All Girl?

In this week’s episode, JC, Rita and Doctor Scott talk about Jodie Whittaker becoming the 13th Doctor. What does it mean for Who and who will be joining her in the TARDIS?

Plus, the Game of Thrones Premiere, Twin Peaks and More!

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Episode 129 – Doctor Who Series 10 Finale and Spider-Man Homecoming

JC and Rita are back and we’re talking the blockbuster of the year, Spider-Man Homecoming. In our rapid fire segment, we give our thoughts on Despicable Me 3, the American Gods season finale and the Jumanji – Welcome to the Jungle trailer. In Doctor Who, Dr. Scott joins us to talk the Doctor Falls – Series 10’s Finale and preview the Christmas Episode.

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