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Science Fiction

This Must Be Pop

J. Patrick continues the preview of Dragon Con 2015 with DC Star Wars Track Director, Brandy Roatsey and Director of American Science Fiction and Fantasy Media, Kelley Harkins. It’s all about the Dragon Con Sci-Fi this week on TMBP.

Star Wars Track:

Dragon Con:

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2015 Dragon Con coverage continues on the Needless Things Podcast! In this week’s episode, Phantom talks to the men behind the magic of the American Sci-Fi Classics Track, Gary Mitchel and Joe Crowe!

All media must submit to the Classics Track Countdown! Once a movie has aged or a TV show has been cancelled for a magical ten years, it becomes the domain of the Classics Track. At this point, the constantly evolving, always growing group of Classics Track Irregulars will descend upon said franchise and lavish it with what is, quite frankly, an astonishing level of adoration. There is only one rule in Classics Track:
Listen in as Phantom, Gary, and Joe talk about what makes Dragon Con so special, as well as why the Classics Track is the
of all of the fan tracks.
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Today’s musical selection comes from Dragon Con 2015 Guest Performers, Hank West & The Smokin’ Hots! They’re a band sent back in time from the future. They play jazz exotica and New Orleans–style dance music.
Procrastibate” by
Today’s episode is sponsored by Underoos, The Underwear That’s Still Fun to Wear! Listen in to find out how you can win a pair in the size and style of your choice!
Doctor Geek Season 2 Episode 15
Doctor Geek Season 2 Episode 15

The season two finale is here, but don’t worry the moment has been prepared for. Amidst Professor Pedantic’s continued efforts to bend the Laboratory of Applied Geekdom to his will, Mister Flask concludes this season’s investigation into bionics. Can Doctor Geek regain command of the lab before all is lost? Note: This broadcast is audio only.

Doctor Geek’s Season 2

JC and Rita De La Torre will be back at Tampa Bay Comic Con this weekend promoting JC’s comic series, Star Mage! Come see them at Artist Alley, Booth C9!

Every production company has their signature sting – from the robot running in the grass to the boy fishing off the moon. Now we have ours.