PCC Multiverse Episode Twenty Nine – The ESO Broadcasting Network

On our latest episode Josh Pederson and Gerald Glassford share their thoughts on the confirmed Obi-Wan picture now in development and decide if this is a good move or a Jedi mind trick for the Star Wars franchise. We also talk Crackdown 3’s delay and is a $10 a month Movie Pass too good to be true? Mike Crockett from the Wrestling Podcast About Nothing also stops by to preview SummerSlam. Tyler Baker from the Fantasy Football Paydirt Podcast checks in with the top players and strategies for your upcoming draft plus clips from the latest Super BS Gamescast and Guardians […]

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Episode 130 – The 13th Doctor – Is the Future All Girl?

In this week’s episode, JC, Rita and Doctor Scott talk about Jodie Whittaker becoming the 13th Doctor. What does it mean for Who and who will be joining her in the TARDIS?

Plus, the Game of Thrones Premiere, Twin Peaks and More!

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Episode 129 – Doctor Who Series 10 Finale and Spider-Man Homecoming

JC and Rita are back and we’re talking the blockbuster of the year, Spider-Man Homecoming. In our rapid fire segment, we give our thoughts on Despicable Me 3, the American Gods season finale and the Jumanji – Welcome to the Jungle trailer. In Doctor Who, Dr. Scott joins us to talk the Doctor Falls – Series 10’s Finale and preview the Christmas Episode.

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Episode 128 – What the Hell Just Happened In Twin Peaks & Doctor Who?

In this expanded episode, JC & Rita bring in the Oncoming Storm‘s Rachel Stewart and Dr. Geeks Lab’s Dr. Scott

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Episode 127 – Is the Mummy as Terrible as Everyone Says?

JC and Rita tackle the Mummy – was it as terrible as everyone says it is? Plus, Doctor Who and

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