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John Rabon

ESMCU Episode 58: "Wake Up" and "Hot Potato Soup"

Hello Marvel Universe!

In this episode of ESMCU, John and Jen talk about two other Marvel TV shows on the horizon: Hulu’s “Runaways” and Freeform’s “Cloak and Dagger”.  These shows aim to bring in a younger audience, but…whatever happened to “it’s all connected?” Next, we recap the Infinity Stones – which ones are found, which ones are still missing, and where might they turn up between now and Infinity War?
In this week’s SHIELD episodes, “Wake Up” and “Hot Potato Soup,” we learn more about Radcliffe’s virtual world, and get to see Patton Oswalt do standup. Radcliffe proves to be even more of a sneaky bastard, and we get a disappointing reveal of who “The Superior” is. Is there another LMD at SHIELD HQ, in addition to Radcliffe and the May-bot?

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Earth Station MCU Episode 57

Hello Marvel Universe!

We’re back after a longer than anticipated break, ready to catch you up on the last ….quarter season?  The episodes between the winter break and the spring break. We’ve moved to an every other week schedule, so most of our episodes will cover two SHIELD stories.

But first, John and Jen talk about the news – new announcements about who will be in Infinity War (spoiler alert: EVERYONE), rumors of Peter Dinklage joining the cast, a change in leadership at Marvel Entertainment, and speculation on who Sigourney Weaver is playing in “Defenders.”

In the second half, we cover the episodes “Broken Promises” and “The Patriot.” The LMD plotline is in full swing, but what happens when your Big Bad gets gacked at the end of the first episode? We’re in comic book TV, so you can’t keep a good bad guy down. Mace’s “big secret” is revealed, and it’s basically what we figured it was. But how will this change the team’s dynamic going forward?

The post Earth Station MCU Episode 57: Agents of SHIELD “Broken Promises” and “The Patriot” appeared first on The ESO Broadcasting Network.

Earth Station MCU Ep 32
John and Jen are back with the final two Agents of SHIELD episodes of 2015! What will these events mean for the team going forward into the back end of Season 3? What’s the deal with Ward? And how do you pronounce “Maveth” anyway? All this and news about Doctor Strange, Iron Fist, Ant Man and the Wasp, Luke Cage, and oh yeah, there’s some trailer that came out recently. Perhaps you’ve seen it?

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Easter Eggs in CA:CW Trailer
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Luke Cage News

Earth Station MCU Ep 25Agents of SHIELD is back! Skye – er, that is, Daisy — or is it Quake? Director Coulson can’t remember what to call her, and neither can John and Jen. But where’s May? Where’s Simmons? And when did Fitz get to be the biggest badass on the show? All this, and the latest updates on Captain America: Civil War, Black Panther, Spidey, Doctor Strange, and Dubsmash Wars!

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Fake Infinity Gauntlet?
Doctor Strange Will Include Origin
McAdams Confirmed for Doctor Strange
Purple Man in Luke Cage?
Evans comments on Civil War Origins
Spidey Origin: No Uncle Ben Death Scene
Cool Black Panther Fan Art
Dubsmash Update: Why Can’t We Be Friends?

Earth Station MCU Ep 24
A fall breeze is in the air, the school year has begun, DragonCon is a fading memory…and Jen finally has time to edit again. We’ll call this a “vintage” episode, since the news section is no longer exactly bleeding edge, but our main topic is timeless: cosplay! In recent years, costuming has exploded as a major component of fandom, especially at conventions. John and Jen are joined this week by experienced cosplayers Alyssa Jackson of “Adventures in Poor Taste” and Katie Dee.

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Earth Station MCU on WordPress
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Emily Blunt as Captain Marvel
Ant-Man installations in London
Marvel TV Phase 2?
Jessica Jones will be “Damaged”
Daredevil Season 2 Punisher
SHIELD vs. Carter Dubsmash Continues
Hawkeye’s Civil War Allegiance?
Rebranding Infinity Stones – Infinite Six