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Agents_of_Shield_S4a_logoIn this episode Ryan and Eric sit down with me to talk about the first half of the fourth season of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. We also talk about Marvel’s The Inhumans as well as how what’s going on with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. may impact the Netflix series and the rest of the MCU. It’s all that plus another Five Questions.

Stay tuned in a few days as we’ll post a one-on-one interview with Jennifer Hartshorn of Earth Station MCU that we couldn’t fit into this episode without making it far too long.

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The time has come to do my 2nd to last Monster Scifi Show for this year. Normally, my Scifi News episodes run about 20-30 minutes but I add more to the show. What will I be discussing? I’ve included 4 movie trailer reviews, 3 Scifi News items, and 5 midseason finale.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Movie Trailers
    • Spiderman Homecoming
    • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
    • Transformers The Last Knight
    • The Mummy
  • Scifi News
    • Van Williams Passing
    • Inhumans Casting News
    • Rogue One Boycott*
  • Midseason Finales
    • Gotham
    • Agents of SHIELD
    • The Flash
    • Arrow
    • Legends of Tomorrow

* There is a slight correction which I need to make. I referred to the Jimmy Smits’ character on Star Wars Rogue One as Antilles and not Bail Organa. This is totally my fault due to hibernation sickness or a lack thereof

Earth Station MCU Ep 25Agents of SHIELD is back! Skye – er, that is, Daisy — or is it Quake? Director Coulson can’t remember what to call her, and neither can John and Jen. But where’s May? Where’s Simmons? And when did Fitz get to be the biggest badass on the show? All this, and the latest updates on Captain America: Civil War, Black Panther, Spidey, Doctor Strange, and Dubsmash Wars!

Earth Station MCU on Facebook
Earth Station MCU on WordPress
John Rabon at
John Rabon’s Cosplay page
Official Dubsmash Wars Site
Fake Infinity Gauntlet?
Doctor Strange Will Include Origin
McAdams Confirmed for Doctor Strange
Purple Man in Luke Cage?
Evans comments on Civil War Origins
Spidey Origin: No Uncle Ben Death Scene
Cool Black Panther Fan Art
Dubsmash Update: Why Can’t We Be Friends?

Earth Station MCU Ep 12In this episode, Jen and John discuss April Fool’s posts, adorable Funko Pop! Vision, the latest MCU rumors, and Agents of SHIELD’s “One Door Closes”.Coulson SHIELD and Gonzalez SHIELD clash, we see flashbacks to Winter Soldier, and someone makes a chocolate Benedict Cumberbatch. Because Reasons.

Earth Station MCU on Facebook
Earth Station MCU on WordPress
John Rabon at
Chocolate Benedict Cumberbatch
Audi’s Age of Ultron Tie-In
Linda Cardellini and Julie Delpy in Age of Ultron
Andy Serkis’ Character Revealed
Lessons from Hydra’s Victory

Earth Station MCU Ep 11Jen and John are back from vacation, and covering two Agents of SHIELD episodes for the price of one: “One of Us” and “Love in the Time of Hydra”. Crazy Cal has a posse, Skye has a therapist, and Coulson’s team has competition in the form of “The Real SHIELD” as lead by Robert Gonzalez, played by Edward James Olmos.

Earth Station MCU on Facebook
Earth Station MCU on WordPress
John Rabon at
New “Roll Call” Avengers Trailer
Russos Directing Infinity War
“New” Characters to be Introduced in AoU?
Daredevil “Motion Poster”
Casting the New Spidey