Metal Geeks 137: Post-Harvey Geekery – The ESO Broadcasting Network

Your hosts reconvene after Hurricane Harvey to reminisce about their experiences during the storm, Cary the Metal Geeks cruising the high seas, and discussions about Houston Open Air, we pay homage to Disney Imagineer, X Atencio, the Defenders, the Tick, and the blockbuster horror film, It. We are also proud to bring you our interview with Joe Harris and Megan Hutchison, creators of Rockstars from Image Comics. Keep it metal, and keep it geeky! Check out our brand new sponsor at if you are looking for cool brands such as Funko, Bandai, Art FX, Banpresto, and more! Use the […]

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Musical (director) chairs: Why the recent shakeups at Lucasfilm aren’t necessarily a bad thing – The ESO Broadcasting Network

So far, I’ve been very pleased with the way Disney has handled the Star Wars universe since they purchased Lucasfilm back in 2012. I loved “Episode VII: The Force Awakens” and “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.” I’m still a little bummed Disney made the old Star Wars Expanded Universe novels go away, but the new canon novels are getting better (the “Rogue One” novelization is excellent, by the way). However, there have been a few road bumps in Star Wars land this year. Phil Lord and Christopher Miller — directors of the upcoming Han Solo prequel film, perhaps best […]

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The 42cast Episode 13: Streams do Come True – The ESO Broadcasting Network

StreamsIt seems like you can’t look at the internet anymore without reading a report about some new streaming service starting up. This episode we look into what’s going on with all these services. Can they survive with a single, popular product? Can the consumer base afford to have so many streaming services at a time? What happens to Netflix and Hulu as more and more providers jump ship? How much will piracy effect things? Just what does happen when you cross the streams? It’s a rollickin’ good ride with guests Ryan and Sam on board to guide us through it. […]

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The Monster Scifi Show Podcast – Scifi News for 8/11/2017 – The ESO Broadcasting Network

As with most Scifi News podcast, there is usually 3 news items which I discuss. In a rare moment, all 3 news items happen to be about Netflix. Goodbye Netflix, the Mouse is going back to the House of Disney. I guess we’re getting a MWCU – Millar World Cinematic Universe Is Star Trek Discovery exclusive streaming rights good for Netflix? Finally, here is the link to my survey. By filling this out, you are truly supporting me and this podcast.

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PCC Multiverse Episode Twenty Eight – The ESO Broadcasting Network

On this week’s episode, Josh Pederson and Gerald Glassford talk the future of Disney after the announcement of leaving Netflix for a new streaming service of their own. Plus Sarah Kay from the Ani-Quest podcast returns with her thoughts on Sony’s new integration of anime for their Playstation audience. We also talk Hellblade’s vision of mental trauma, the bleak future of the Fantastic Four and what the info released from the Last Jedi really does for us. All this plus another hit song from Plazma Z. Plus as a BONUS we add an episode of Topicocalypse from Humannequin Media just […]

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