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Earth Station MCU Ep 24
A fall breeze is in the air, the school year has begun, DragonCon is a fading memory…and Jen finally has time to edit again. We’ll call this a “vintage” episode, since the news section is no longer exactly bleeding edge, but our main topic is timeless: cosplay! In recent years, costuming has exploded as a major component of fandom, especially at conventions. John and Jen are joined this week by experienced cosplayers Alyssa Jackson of “Adventures in Poor Taste” and Katie Dee.

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John Rabon’s Cosplay page
Alyssa Jackson at Adventures in Poor Taste
Katie Dee on Facebook
Emily Blunt as Captain Marvel
Ant-Man installations in London
Marvel TV Phase 2?
Jessica Jones will be “Damaged”
Daredevil Season 2 Punisher
SHIELD vs. Carter Dubsmash Continues
Hawkeye’s Civil War Allegiance?
Rebranding Infinity Stones – Infinite Six

Earth Station MCU Ep 21
John and Jen are joined by Ariel Kasten of the Large Nerdron Collider podcast to discuss the second half of Season One of Marvel’s first Netflix series, Daredevil. We also discuss the latest in MCU news, including new casting announcements.

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John Rabon at
John Rabon’s Cosplay page
Large Nerdron Collider with Ariel Kasten
Large Nerdron Collider on Facebook
Beyonce in the MCU?
Who Owns Hulk Film Rights?
RDJ Says Hulk is in CA:CW
Ruffalo Talks Hulk Future

daredevil-posterThe first few minutes of the pilot episode of a new TV series are always critical. In a short amount of time, you have to successfully introduce the main character, set the tone for the series, provide background information so the audience knows what is going on but also leave enough mystery so they’re intrigued enough to keep tuning in.

The new Marvel series on Netflix, “Daredevil,” starts off the first few minutes of its first episode with two key scenes: showing how future crime fighter Matt Murdock is blinded as a child due to a toxic spill, and then fast-forwarding to an adult Murdock asking forgiveness from a priest for his vigilante actions. It establishes that this show will be gritty, tightly-written, thought-provoking — and thoroughly engrossing. By the time they started playing the opening credits, I was already hooked.

First off, I think Marvel made a good choice to tell the story of Daredevil — a blind defense lawyer who moonlights as a crime-fighting vigilante — in a TV format. I didn’t see the original Daredevil movie starring Ben Affleck but know that it is not exactly beloved by fans. Netflix has produced a show with cinema-like quality but is able to tell the story in a more episodic format.

Daredevil is an intriguing hero. Unlike some of the other heroes, his defining accident doesn’t give him superpowers (like Spider-Man and his spider bite). He doesn’t have fancy gadgets or unlimited resources like Iron Man or Batman. Instead, even though he can’t see, he uses his other senses to fight crime. Hearing becomes vitally important, as Murdock must listen carefully to tell when an assailiant is running towards him or preparing to fire a gun.

The show is a little grittier than we’re used to seeing from Marvel; to me, it feels like a cross between the CW’s gritty DC Comics show “Arrow” and a classic crime drama. Interestingly, the show also doesn’t seem to use a lot of CGI special effects — a fact I didn’t actually notice until later, when I was thinking back over the episode. Instead, the show relies on well-coreographed fight scenes.

I was impressed with the first episode and am looking forward to watching more. Even though the show is more serious in tone, I like that they still include a few moments of humor, something I hope they keep up throughout the series. After this promising start, I’m also looking forward to some of Netflix’s other planned projects with Marvel.

Earth Station MCU Ep 12In this episode, Jen and John discuss April Fool’s posts, adorable Funko Pop! Vision, the latest MCU rumors, and Agents of SHIELD’s “One Door Closes”.Coulson SHIELD and Gonzalez SHIELD clash, we see flashbacks to Winter Soldier, and someone makes a chocolate Benedict Cumberbatch. Because Reasons.

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John Rabon at
Chocolate Benedict Cumberbatch
Audi’s Age of Ultron Tie-In
Linda Cardellini and Julie Delpy in Age of Ultron
Andy Serkis’ Character Revealed
Lessons from Hydra’s Victory

Earth Station MCU Ep 11Jen and John are back from vacation, and covering two Agents of SHIELD episodes for the price of one: “One of Us” and “Love in the Time of Hydra”. Crazy Cal has a posse, Skye has a therapist, and Coulson’s team has competition in the form of “The Real SHIELD” as lead by Robert Gonzalez, played by Edward James Olmos.

Earth Station MCU on Facebook
Earth Station MCU on WordPress
John Rabon at
New “Roll Call” Avengers Trailer
Russos Directing Infinity War
“New” Characters to be Introduced in AoU?
Daredevil “Motion Poster”
Casting the New Spidey