‘Amazing! Astonishing! Weird!!’ Book Review By Ron Fortier – The ESO Broadcasting Network

AMAZING! ASTONISHING! WEIRD! Book Review By Ron FortierAMAZING! ASTONISHING! WEIRD! The Complete Pulp Covers Vol. 2 By Todd Frye Self-Published Mail@ToddFrye.Org Also available at Amazon. Having come to pulp fandom via the comic book route, we’ve always had a strong appreciation for the art of the pulps. From their being filled with beautifully rendered pen and ink illustrations to their dazzling, colorful covers. One of the real tragedies we learned long ago was how undervalued these covers were at the time they were created. It was not unusual for paintings to be trashed seconds after an issue had been published. Thus over the years the actual number […]

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‘The Myth Hunter’ Book Review By Ron Fortier – The ESO Broadcast Network

THE MYTH HUNTER Curse of the Necronomicon By Percival Constantine Nifty Entertainment 145 pgs Of the various series created by new pulp scribe Percival Constantine, our favorite is his Myth Hunter books starring beautiful Elisa Hill; a trained archeologist who travels the globe in search of arcane artifacts often believed to me mere legends. In … Continue reading

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The Shotgun Arcana Review By Ron Fortier

THE SHOTGUN ARCANA By R.S. Belcher Tor Books 396 pages One of our favorite books of last year was “The Six-Gun Tarot,” by R.S. Belcher which we reviewed at that time as one of the most original, audacious weird western novels ever written. Now comes its sequel and we totally need to find new, better … Continue reading

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