Movie review: ‘Alien: Covenant’ returns to familiar ground – The ESO Broadcasting Network

If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. We all probably heard that piece of advice as kids, and while it may be an old cliche, it usually turns out to be accurate. Unfortunately, characters in movies often seem to disregard this bit of wisdom, and such is the case with the crew in the new movie “Alien: Covenant.” Continuing the famous “Alien” sci-fi/horror franchise, “Alien: Covenant” takes place after the prequel “Prometheus” but before the original “Alien” movie that officially killed any desire I had to actually go to space. 😉 The Covenant is a colony […]

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Earth Station Boo 3 – Season of the BOO!

Calling all dorky demons and geeky ghouls! It is once again the time of year where spooky spirits roam the dusty corridors of Earth Station One and Phantom Troublemaker possesses the transmission to bring you the creepiest and scariest show of the year! That’s right, Phantomaniacs – Earth Station Boo has returned from the dark … Continue reading

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