Earth Station Who Episode 95 – The Ice Warriors

Ice Warriors, come out and play! Because you demanded it! Mike, Mike, Jen, and Nathan Laws brave subzero temperatures, ancient Martians, animated reconstructions, and middle managers from the future in this classic Second Doctor story that marked the debut of a new villainous race. Phantom Troublemaker had to miss this recording as he was labeled … Continue reading

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Article 55: Somebody set up us the bomb

This time we are looking at the Second Doctor story, “The Invasion.” This one was particularly interesting to watch as it’s been reconstructed with animation to fill in the missing episodes. …And I hadn’t seen it before.

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Article 50: Pay the Piper

Here, at long last is our review of The Three Doctors. Join us for a discussion of this, the first multi-Doctor story, from back in the era when it was possible to call the Time Lords for backup. This breaks the first law of time, eh? Oh well. We’ll…

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Earth Station Who Episode 4: The War Games

The 50th story in the franchise is a marathon, not a sprint, to the finish of the Patrick Troughton era. Mike, Mike, and Dave enlist in The War Games with some assistance from “The Ten Doctors”…

Earth Station Who is a show dedicated to the cultu…

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Earth Station Who Episode 3: Power of the Daleks

The Doctor is dead! Long live The Doctor! Patrick Troughton makes his debut as the mysterious Timelord and faces a familiar enemy in The Power of the Daleks. Mike, Mike, and Dave are once again…

Earth Station Who is a show dedicated to the culture a…

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