Episode 9 – The One About Dr. Geek’s Laboratory, Doctor Who’s Opening Ceremonies Snub and Daleks vs. Weeping Angels

JC and Rita are back and in rare form. With JC all hyped up on Nyquil, we fight to the death on Daleks vs The Weeping Angels (trust me, you don’t want to miss that one).  JC goes bonkers over Doctor Who being excluded from the opening ceremonies of the 2012 London Olympics. We talk about the Brooklyn Monster and a man who was cured of Stereoblindness by going to see Hugo in 3d!

We give you the scoop on a sequel to Independence Day, what new series the executive producers of Walking Dead are bringing to AMC and the end of Eureka.

We have a very special Transmissions Received segment where we get to meet the labstaff of Doctor Geek’s Laboratory – our new brother podcast on the ESO Network.

For the Retro Review, we give you the low down on the Star Trek the Next Generation season one blu-rays.

In addition to the earlier segments on Doctor Who, we remember the wonderful companion of the fourth doctor, Mary Tamm.  We talk Matt Smith on the cover of EW and we give you some 50th anniversary and series 7 spoilers.

We wrap this baby up with our True Blood review.

Folks, if you’ve never tried TFA before…this is the one to listen to!

The show schedule and links are after the jump!

Episode 9 Schedule
2:20 – Opening
News of the weird
4:25 – Goofiest Things from the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics
14:42 – Brooklyn Bridge Monster
17:00 – 3D Film cures man of Stereo Blindness
SciFi News
21:20 – Walking Dead Producers Bring Area 51 to AMC
24:20- Dean Devlin and Roland Emmerich finally working on ID4 sequel
28:10 – Eureka Series Finale
 Transmissions Received
32:17 – Lab Staff of Dr. Geek’s Laboratory
Dr. Geek Links
ITunes: Dr. Geek’s Laboratory Podcast
Twitter: @drgeeklab
YouTube: Youtube.com/drgeeklab
Retro Review
1:18:35- Star Trek the Next Generation – Season One Remastered Blu Ray Release
1:24:13 – Mary Tamm, Romana I, passes away
1:30:17 – Matt Smith on the cover of EW
1:34:41 – Multiple 50th Anniversary Specials for 2013 and Matt Smith for 2014
1:37:56 – SPOILERS! Guess What Famous Statue is a Weeping Angel?
1:41:40 – Daleks versus Weeping Angels
True Blood Review
1:46:25- SPOILERS! Season 5, Episode 8 Somebody That I Used to Know
1:54:12 – Closing

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