Episode 72 – Pirates! Plus MegaCon 2014

Ahoy me hearties, JC and Rita be raisin’ the Jolly Roger for this here episode of Transmissions From Atlantis. If you be a Buccaneer or you be a wench, tis be the episode for your pieces o’ eight. The lovely lass Allison Farrell goes on account for the good ship MegaCon and shares her tales of woe and swashbucklin’. Arrr, For sure, the gentlemen o’ fortune shall be smiling on our Doctor Who segment as well as Chapter 2 of ye yarn Ancient Rising. Aye, it be time for ye to be clicking  yonder link before we makes ye walk the plank and send ya to Davey Jones’ locker.

Pirate Translator: JC and Rita are back for this week’s Transmissions From Atlantis episode with Pirates being the main topic. Allison gives us the lowdown on MegaCon 2014, in Doctor Who we tell you about the amazing story of Dalek 7 and in our audio theater segment, we feature Chapter 2 of Ancient Rising.

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Transmissions From Atlantis 72

0:51 – Opening

3:49 – Main topic – Pirates!

21:40- Cosplay – Allison’s MegaCon report

42:24- Audio Theater – Ancient Rising Chapter 2

1:08:19 – Doctor Geeks Moments in Science

1:09:48- Doctor Who

  • 9 year anniversary of Rose
  • Dalek 7
  • Living Legend

1:26:28 – Closing featuring Here Be a Pirate from the Pirates of the Carribean Soundtrack

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