Episode 62 – The Time of the Doctor and 2013’s Best Sci-Fi Fantasy and Horror Shows

Rita and JC are back and give you their opinion on Matt Smith’s final turn as the Doctor – the Time of the Doctor. Also, the dynamic duo discuss Peter Capaldi, Moffat’s future and who was Tasha Lem.

They also review Disney’s Frozen, give you their picks for the best sci-fi/fantasy show of 2013 (not named Doctor Who) and the best Horror show of 2013 and solved the great Indiana Jones Blu-Ray mystery.

A can’t miss episode of Transmissions From Atlantis!

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Lineup and more after the jump!

Episode 62 Line Up

1:29 opening

  • What cool stuff we got for Christmas
  • Star Mage update

5:37 Sci-Fi News

  • Indiana Jones Blu-Ray set.
  • Disney’s Frozen
  •  Best Sci-Fi Show of 2013

19:46 Horror News

  • Best Horror Show of 2013

27:09 Doctor Geek’s Moments of Science

  • Claire on Lions…

28:36 Doctor Who

  • The Time of the Doctor
  • Tasha Lem is River Song
  • Goodbye Raggedy Man (our favorite Matt Moments)
  • The future of Doctor Who – Peter Capaldi
  • Steven Moffat – should he continue on after Series 8?

1:09:42 Closing

  • Featuring the ultimate Eleventh Doctor tribute by TardisElliot

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