Episode 51 – DragonCon’s Whedonverse Plus Heroes of Cosplay and Affleck’s Batman

We’re a week away from the greatest fan run Con in the southeast – DragonCon! We wrap up our series of DragonCon track director interviews with Whedonverse Track Director Mary Moline. Plus we give you our thoughts on the new reality series Heroes of Cosplay. We also talk about this week’s big news – Ben Affleck will be Batman. We’re also reviewing the season finale for True Blood plus did Moffat just say that Peter Capaldi is the last doctor? Is JK Rowling coming to Doctor Who?

All that, plus much more!

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Episode 51 Schedule and Links

2:32 – Opening

4:36 Sci-Fi News

Our DragonCon Schedule

Exploring Folklore in Stargate
Moderators: Rita De La Torre, Jason De La Torre

Fri 07:00 pm; International FGH; 1 Hour

Lone Ranger : 80 Years of Thrilling Days

Showing the love to the masked man and Tonto, from Moore to Silverheels to Spilsbury to Depp. Debbie Viguié; Joe Crowe. Sat 11:30 am; M303-M304
Brit Fans on the Net: A Podcast Round Table
Mon 10:00 am; « Macon; 1 Hour(s);

31:05 Transmissions Received – Whedonverser director Mary Moline

53:12 Horror

  • The True Blood Season Finale

1:02:51 Doctor Who News

1:13:26 Closing featuring Imagine Dragons’s Radioactive

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One thought on “Episode 51 – DragonCon’s Whedonverse Plus Heroes of Cosplay and Affleck’s Batman

  • August 25, 2013 at 1:05 am

    I love how emotionally invested you guys are in the Heroes Of Cosplay show!
    I, too, believe that everyone should be “allowed” to cosplay whatever they want (as if someone could stop us, right?). At first, I was like “OMFG They did NOT just tell me fat people shouldn’t cosplay!” But when I watched the scene again, I realized that I was right.
    They did NOT just tell me fat people shouldn’t cosplay.

    If you watch the episode closely, you can hear what each person is really saying.
    Yaya says, she looks in the mirror and if her tits are hanging out, she’s gonna get rude comments.
    Riki says that if an overweight person cosplays Superman and gets made fun of on the internet, that’s not gonna do them any good, and Monika says that some people can’t take that kind of criticism.
    They didn’t say fat people shouldn’t cosplay, or you have to cosplay your body type. They said when you put yourself out there, the people might make fun of you on the internet. Which is totally true! I’ve seen a ton of websites where someone posts a picture, and then there’s ten comments about it’s FATman, not Batman. The key is, you have to know if that will bother you before you cosplay.

    I think the reason everyone thinks Yaya talked about overweight people is that, right in the middle, they cut to Chloe (who is suddenly a redhead, which makes me think they shot this part months later, like she’s probably not even talking about that dinner, just talking about something else entirely) talking about how SOME people say you can’t cosplay if you’re overweight. By the end of dinner they cut back to Brown-Hair Chloe. And if you ignore the stuff Red Hair Chloe said, Brown Hari Chloe just sounds like she’s nervous about competing along side all these hotshot cosplayers, not like she thinks they’re Mean Girls.

    You said you hope this scene was just badly edited, but I think the scene was edited really well to take two different conversations and make them seem like something else. They sure fooled me the first time, and it seems like they fooled a lot of people, which is sad because if you are new to cosplay then knowing that the people on the internet can be really mean about cosplay is good advice so at least your prepared for it. but they turned that into making it seem like Yaya said something she never really said.

    Don’t be fooled by reality TV! I hate Victoria on the show, but knowing how they twist the truth to make up drama, I’m not going to assume Victoria is like that in real life, and its just a TV character.

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