Episode 33 – Spoilerific Previews of the Season Premieres for Doctor Who & Game of Thrones

Hey there folks, we are all in on season premieres this week. First we look at the premiere of Game of Thrones and give you some juicy spoilers that we expect to see this season. Then later it’s all about the Bells of St. John – the series 7B premiere of Doctor Who coming this weekend.

Who are the villains, what type of episode will it be? We’ll give you the scoop. As always, we’ll review the latest episode of the Walking Dead and give you all the latest sci-fi and horror news – including some disturbing info on Star Wars Clone Wars.

We have an occurrence as rare as a solar eclipse – JC admits he was wrong. We have some Doctor Who 50th anniversary scoopage and in Legacy Who Redux, we introduce you properly to the First Doctor.

All this and more from Transmissions From Atlantis!

Schedule and links after the jump!




Episode 33 Schedule

1:30 Opening

4:32 SciFi News

23:40 Horror News

33:04 Doctor Who News

1:00:22 Legacy Who Redux

  • The First Doctor

1:10:52 Closing featuring the Beatles’ “Let it Be”


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