JC’s Progress

StarMage #1 - Darien

22/ 22 pages. 100.0% done!

StarMage #2 - Eridu

22/ 22 pages. 100.0% done!

StarMage #3 - Rebellion and Desertion

23/ 23 pages. 100% done!

StarMage #4 - A Troubling Search

22/ 22 pages. 100% done!

StarMage #5 - The Ghosts of the Past

22/ 22 pages. 100% done!

StarMage #6 - The Planet of Sorrows

0/ 22 pages. 0% done!

Ancient Rising - The Graphic Novel

10/ 100 pages. 10.0% done!

White Chapel #1 - The Letter (with Martin Dunn)

5/ 22 pages. 22.7% done!

Continuum Force

Nate Johnson joins Transmissions From Atlantis Comics!

NateJohnsonTransmissions From Atlantis Comics is very happy to announce the addition of Nate Johnson to our unbelievable lineup of talent artists.  Nate is the lead artist on our new project Continuum Force.

Based on the novella by JC De La Torre, Continuum Force is about an elite military team that leads archaeological expeditions back into time using a device reverse engineered from the Roswell spacecraft. As they venture back into the past, they discover that aliens are trying to change events in the course of human history – effecting how our civilization developed. The Continuum Force has to stop them and put everything back the way it should be.

Nate Johnson has had a long career in the comic book industry. A creator himself, he has assisted and spearheaded numerous comic book publications in print and on the internet.

With strengths in Illustration, character design, graphic design, 2d animation and he gladly lends his talents and skills to the finest of projects and stories.