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JC and Rita are back with their latest Transmissions From Atlantis! This time, we’re talking Netflix’s new original series Voltron – Legendary Defender! Is it a worthy reboot of the classic anime series? We also have exclusive interviews with the voice of the Daleks Nicolas Briggs as well as the eighth Doctor Paul McGann and we have other Doctor Who news to talk about. Finally, we have another rapid fire segment where we tackle Game of Thrones, X-men, Finding Dory, Star Trek killing fan films and more.

Join us for another thrilling transmission!

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Watch this video on YouTube or on Easy Youtube.

On Memorial Day Weekend 2016, TFA Entertainment was on hand to document Timegate 2016 and discovered that not only would this be the last Timegate, but something new and amazing was going to happen.

Featuring Doctor Who’s Paul McGann, Nicholas Briggs. Big Finish Creator Jason Haigh-Ellery, Terry Malloy and Louis Robinson. Also featuring NY Times Best Selling author Debbie Viguié, Doctor Geek’s Doctor Scott Viguié, R. Alan Siler, ESO Network’s Mike Faber and more!

Note: While we’d love to say that some of the shaky camera work was artistic expression, it was more of a terrible camera rig that has since been replaced.


JC and Rita are back from Dragon Con 2015 and give you all the scoop on cosplay, panels, guests and more! Also, JC and Rita preview Series 9 of Doctor Who and let you know who they think should succeed Jenna Coleman as the companion.

All that plus Doctor Geek’s Moment of Science!


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JC and Rita are back and ready for Dragon Con 2015. We preview the biggest fan run convention in America with three track director interviews and the Executive Producer of Dragon Con TV! Plus we do our Doctor Who duty by providing you the hit list for Brittrack at DragonCon 2015.

All this and more on TFA 101!

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JC and Rita De La Torre will be back at Tampa Bay Comic Con this weekend promoting JC’s comic series, Star Mage! Come see them at Artist Alley, Booth C9!