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JC De La Torre

JC De La Torre is writer and creator of the IDW comics space and sorcery mini-series, Star Mage and the Executive Vice President of New Media, Film & Television for Brazen Wench Productions, LLC. In addition to the executive role, he also serves as a Producer and screenwriter for many Brazen Wench projects.

De La Torre has written two novels, Ancient Rising and Rise of the Ancients – Annuna, as well as Nightmares from Eberus – A Speculative Fiction collection. He has also released to e-book the novellas for Continuum Force and the Serial Vampire series.

He is also co-host of the Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror podcast Transmissions From Atlantis and is a voice actor for the audio drama Doctor Geek’s Laboratory of Applied Geekdom.

De La Torre is a columnist/blogger for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers blog site Previously, he served as a featured columnist for Bleacher Report on Tampa Bay sports,  an editor and featured columnist for SB Nation Tampa Bay covering the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Tampa Bay Lightning and Florida Gators, wrote for’s Blog Blitz and contributed to Pewter Report, one of the top magazines on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

JC has a passionate love for Doctor Who, sports writing, speculative fiction writing, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Alternate Realities, and the Occult. His scripting will include all of these sub-genres as well as other interesting excursions.

JC’s work features action, adventure, horror, Sci-Fi, a bit of the supernatural and essentially something for everyone.

Rita De La Torre is JC’s beloved wife. She is the Executive Vice President of Business Affairs for Brazen Wench Productions where she oversees the budgets for the various Brazen Wench projects, manages Unit Production and Line Production as well taking an active role in financing and distribution of Brazen Wench properties. She is an avid reader of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Y/A. A recovering Twilighter (Team Edward) she is a fanatical Whovian and a Harry Potter nut. Rita is a voice actor for Dr. Geek’s Laboratory of Applied Geekedom. She loves all things Sci-Fi, Fantasy and action and with J.C. is an avid watcher of all of our favorite genres. Rita is also a dedicated cosplayer and enjoys expressing her fandom through costuming.

Together they co-host of the Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror podcast Transmissions From Atlantis.

Transmissions From Atlantis is part of the