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Monthly Archives: May 2016


Thanks for tuning in to the REC Level 3 Podcast. On this episode of REC Level 3, we dive into Uncharted 4, the Nathan Drake story, MomoCon 2016, The breaking of Homefront, Overwatch, A taste of Anime and the unforgettable Hold the Door. Check us out on social media everywhere as reclevel3 with no spaces. Also, we’d love to hear from you and get your thoughts on this episode and any future episodes. Feel free to suggest topics you’d like to hear more about. You can do that on our website or any of the social media channels.

Next week and every Wednesday, join us on Twitch for the post show after party starting at 9:30 PM EST / 6:30 PM PST at

Music provided by Danimal Cannon. (THANKS!)

Intro – Cherry Bomb

Break – Interlude

Outro – Long Live the New Fresh

Rabid Prince fan JC De La Torre and his lovely wife Rita give you a very special rememberance of the live and music of the musical genius Prince Rogers Nelson. Includes rememberances from Sheila E., Cee-lo (from their appearance on the View) and Lenny Kravitz (from a radio appearance) as well as some emotional rememberances from the Prince Army and Prince Tribute artist, Sir Jac.

Transmissions From Atlantis Presents Prince – A Remembrance

  • Opening
  • For You
  • Prince’s 2nd Album
  • Dirty Mind
  • Controversy
  • 1999
  • Purple Rain
  • Around the World in a Day
  • Parade
  • Sign O’ The Times
  • The Black Album/Lovesexy
  • Graffiti Bridge
  • Diamond and Pearls
  • Love Symbol Album
  • The fight with Warner Brothers
  • The Gold Experience
  • Emancipation/Crystal Ball
  • Raven U2 the Joy Fantastic
  • Musicology
  • One Night Alone/N.E.W.S.
  • Art Official Age/PectrumElectrum
  • The End – featuring JC, Sir Jac and comments from the Prince Army
  • Closing – Featuring the instrumental cover of Purple Rain by the amazing Neil Zaza.

Come see us at Time Gate!




It was another fun day at the office for the Seekers crew as we wrapped on Day Four of Principal Photography. So you want to be a producer? How do you handle one of your stars getting her hand mangled by her cat (so much so she needed to go to the hospital) and one of your other stars getting in a car accident on the way to the shoot? Add to that, the pool you planned on shooting at obviously will not work and your fancy restaurant that you were planning on filming at decides it would rather not have any publicity (which I find highly irregular – what place doesn’t want more publicity? Its no wonder its always empty in there).

It was a stressful day but all worked out as we did our first on location shoot of the program at a Hotel in Wesley Chapel.

For those of you worried, yes Allison should be okay with her hand and Shanel’s car received just minor damage. She was fine.

We were so proud of the team being able to overcome Saturday’s challenges and put together an awesome day. We got everything done we were striving for, we worked around the Pool and Restaurant fiascos and still came up with some compelling scenes.

Here are some shots!

SeekersDay4_1 SeekersDay4_2 SeekersDay4_3 SeekersDay4_4 SeekersDay4_5jpg SeekersDay4_6

The Adam and JP Show

Adam and Jp have a few of the radio markets where The Adam and Jp Summer Movie special can be heard over Memorial Day Weekend.

Jp visited a local con last weekend, he chats about the first ever Fanboy Expo: Nashville.

After some weight loss tips (yeah, kind of weird) talk turns to James Bond and who might be a replacement for Daniel Craig.

A new Ghostbusters trailer hit the web this week, does this make the movie look better for the masses?

Gamer’s Corner: New Releases include Homefront and Fallout 4 DLC. Nintendo has a fantastic idea for the new Nintendo console. GTA V has passed another milestone, this one is a biggie. Plus..Gran Turismo, Arkham Asylum and Rockstar game updates.

Finally, Captain America: Civil War has become the highest grossing film of 2016. What can DC learn from this?

Adam and Jp Website

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ESO Ep 318 - Remembering Prince
On this episode, the ESO crew pay tribute to two artists who were legends beyond their fields and left us much too soon. First, Mike and Mike honor the career of writer/artist Darwyn Cooke. Then, Alex Autrey and Melodie Goodwin share dearly beloved memories of the amazing artist forever known as Prince. Plus, the long-awaited return of Bret Herholz, who has a wonderful new project, and JP, who shares some exciting news about his podcast. All this, along with the Khan Report, Geek Girl’s Take, and Shout Outs!

Table of Contents
0:00:00 Show Open / Rants & Raves
0:17:32 Talking w/ Bret Herholz
0:33:47 Remembering Prince
1:26:35 A Geek Girl’s Take
1:28:09 The Khan Report
1:33:08 Quick talk w/ JP
1:42:55 Show Close

The New ESO E-Store
ESO on iTunes
ESO on Stitcher Radio
Canadian Cancer Society – Darwin Cooke page
Alice and the Invaders from Wonderland
Bret Hertholz website
Bret Herholz YouTube channel
Martian Go Home Kickstarter
Invaders from Wonderland Facebook Page

ESO Network Upcoming Appearances

May 20 Speakeasy Electro Swing at Red Light Cafe (Atlanta, GA)

May 27-29 TimeGate (Atlanta, GA)
ESO/ESW (MikeF, MikeG)
Dr Geek (Scott V)
Transmissions from Atlantis (Jason & Rita)

May 26-29 MomoCon (Atlanta, GA)
ESO (MikeG)

Jun 8-12 The Hukilau (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)
ESO (MikeG)

Jun 25-26 Con Kasterborous (Huntsville, AL)
ESW (MikeF, MikeG)

Sept 2-5 Dragon Con (Atlanta, GA)
ESO Network

Oct 7-9 Monsterama (Atlanta, GA)
ESO (MikeG, MikeF)

If you would like to leave feedback or a comment on the show please call the ESO feedback line at (404)963-9057 (remember long distance charges may apply) or feel free to email us @