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Monthly Archives: April 2016

ESO Podcast Ep 315
It’s time once again for the ESO crew to preview what Hollywood has in store for us this year! Mike, Mike, Ashley Pauls, and Alex Autrey predict what films will feel some summer love and which ones will sing the summertime blues. Plus, Justin Corbett and George Tripsas may not have much of a chance to Speak No Evil when they face the Geek Seat! All this, along with the Khan Report, Geek Girl’s Take, Shout Outs, and Mike’s all too short tribute to Prince.

Table of Contents
0:00:00 Show Open & Remembering Prince
00:11:12 The Geek Seat w/ Justin Corbett and George Tripsas
00:31:46 The 2016 Summer Movie Preview
1:59:05 A Geek Girl’s Take
2:00:46 The Khan Report
2:06:29 Show Close

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MARVEL’s Phase Three begins here! And it begins with a story that we’re sure is going to make us emotionally compromised! Best friend vs best friend over previous best friend! To discuss this movie, the comics that inspired it, and what to look forward in it, RevNews hosts Gary Mitchel & Tegan Hendrickson have called together a group of registered experts on the MCU: Mike Nelson, Ryan Guthrie and host of our ESO sister show, Earth Station MCU, Jennifer Hartshorn!

Tune in as our comic book heroes discuss if Tony is a supervillain now; Steve’s character arc vs Tony’s in the MCU; they try not to get Tegan started on the “Martha” thing again; what Spidey’s role in all this is going to be; everyone’s love of the Russo brothers; how we need Captain America branded tissues for the screening; the Team Cap and Team Tony lineups, with how Steve should have played some MMOs before this to better understand making a balanced team; a breakdown on known Infinity Gems so far; Mike’s need for Zemo to be Cobra Commandered; Tegan’s terrible Force Awakens joke and the greenhouse mystery.

The RevolutionSF RevNews theme music is “20 Minutes of Oxygen” by Darkest of the Hillside Thickets. Find them at

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X-Men-Apocalypse-Poster-No-Text.0.0By Ashley Pauls
Box Office Buzz

It’s that time of year again — summer blockbuster season is here! Summer is typically my favorite time of the year at the movie theater, because it tends to bring more science fiction and superhero films, my two favorite genres. This year, however, my “must see” list seems to be a little smaller than normal. There definitely are some really big and really exciting movies coming up, but there just don’t seem to be as many that made me think, “Wow, I’ve got to pre-order my ticket for this right now!” It could be that overall, this year’s offerings aren’t quite as strong as years past, or it could simply be that studios are moving some of their big-ticket items to other parts of the year (but more on that later)…

The top item on my summer list is, of course, “Captain America: Civil War” (May 6), and I’m betting it will be the biggest movie of the summer and (hopefully!) my favorite. I’m excited about the concept, which pits two of the best Marvel superheroes against each other. Captain America normally respects the rules better than Iron Man does, so it’s interesting to see that this time, Captain America is the one on the run from the law. I’m glad to see Ant-Man joining the team, and I’m looking forward to the introduction of Black Panther. My one fear is that, similar to “Age of Ultron,” Marvel may have packed too many superheroes into this film. Hopefully they’ll keep the focus on the ideological and also personal conflict between Captain America and Iron Man.

I’m also looking forward to two other superhero movies: “X-Men: Apocalypse” (May 27) and “Suicide Squad” (Aug. 5). I’ve really enjoyed the X-Men prequel series featuring the younger versions of Professor X and Magneto, and I think the immortal Apocalypse (Oscar Isaac) will prove to be a worthy foe. While “Suicide Squad” — which recruits a group of unstable villains to save the world — could be more of a gamble, I hope this movie will be as fun and dark and crazy as the trailers seem to promise.

Although I’m sad the Star Trek reboot franchise has had to continue on without director J.J. Abrams, I’m glad that Simon Pegg, the actor who plays Scotty, has helped write the script for “Star Trek: Beyond” (July 22). I’ve really enjoyed these reboot films, and I think film makers picked a great cast to carry on the spirit of the original series. While I’ve heard some concern that the trailer makes this look too much like a standard action film, I think there are some cool elements in the trailer, and hopefully this movie will continue to push the franchise into exciting and uncharted territory.

The final film on my “most looking forward to” list is actually a bit of a departure for me. 	                    <!-- /article-content -->
	                <div class=

JCLighthouseWere you in St. Augustine this weekened? If so, you might have seen us around! Seekers of the Lost World had a presence in the Ancient City as we did some more establishing shot filming and ChromaKey backgrounds in front of Flagler College. Also, Seekers of the Lost world star Allison Farrell and her co-star (and significant other) Joe Thompson were about town all weekend.

Well, as you can tell, things are ramping up around here. We’ll be filming in the newly created Transmissions From Atlantis Chroma Key studio on May 7th – the first principal photography of the series. It will begin a two-month shoot that will span over 8 days of actual filming, a ton of weeks editing and then a shite ton of post production.

Keep your eyes pealled here for some exclusive on the set pics and video!

One final bit of news – we’re targeting a December release. Right before Christmas. We’ll let you know when and where as soon as we have something to announce.

debbie_viguieTransmissions From Atlantis Entertainment in association with Brazen Wench Productions, LLC is proud to announce we have reached agreement with NY Times Best Selling Author Debbie Viguié to play the role of The Curator in the upcoming web-series Seekers of the Lost Worlds.

Like Indiana Jones and National Treasure before, Seekers follows two unlikely adventurers who are set on a quest to find the lost continent of Atlantis after receiving an ancient tablet said to provide the clues to finding the lost world. The Seekers travel the globe looking to put together the clues and prevent the evil Clarius from getting there first.

Debbie’s role is extremely crucial to the two adventurers on their quest.

Debbie is the New York Times Bestselling author of over a fifty novels including the Wicked series co-authored with Nancy Holder and the Witch Hunt series. Much of Debbie’s writing has a dark edge to it, including her retold fairy tales, her latest being Robin Hood: Demon’s Bane (co-authored with James Tuck), a retelling of the classic Robin Hood story infused with black magic and sorcery. In addition to her epic dark fantasy work Debbie also writes thrillers including the wildly popular Psalm 23 Mysteries and the Kiss trilogy.

Debbie also has extensive acting experience in the theater and has a starring role in Doctor Geek’s Laboratory of Applied Geekdom.

When Debbie isn’t busy writing she enjoys spending time with her husband, Scott, visiting theme parks. They live in Florida with their cat, Schrödinger.

Find out more about Seekers of the Lost Worlds at and the Seekers of the Lost World facebook page.