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Monthly Archives: December 2014

ESO Ep 2472014 is almost done and amidst the holiday stress, the ESO crew take a few moments to relax in the station. Mike, Mike, the award-winning author Bobby Nash, and Snombie creator J.R. Mounts sit down for a candid, unrehearsed, unscripted rant and rave session. We offer our opinions on a variety of subjects, but freely claim to be experts in none. We also express our gratitude for all the listener support we’ve received over the past year. Best wishes for a very cool 2015!

Join us for yet another episode of The Earth Station One Podcast we like to call: Old Fashioned Geek Talk

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Marc 21-22 SC Comicon (Greenville, SC)
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Shotgun Arcana Review By Ron Fortier
By R.S. Belcher
Tor Books
396 pages

One of our favorite books of last year was “The Six-Gun Tarot,” by R.S. Belcher which we reviewed at that time as one of the most original, audacious weird western novels ever written. Now comes its sequel and we totally need to find new, better adjectives worthy of this amazing follow up tale of the most haunted town on the frontier, Golgotha, Nevada.

The Mormon mayor possesses a magical sword and golden armor left to his father by the Prophet John Smith. The richest man in town, Malachi Bick, is a fallen angel. The Sheriff, Jon Hightower, was once hanged; it didn’t take and now is considered some kind of immortal whereas his chief deputy is a shape-shifting half-breed named Mutt. The widow Maude Stapleton is the three times grand-daughter of the pirate queen, Ann Boney and the town blacksmith, Clay Turlough is a frustrated scientist attempting to raise the dead with the blood from unholy worms. These are but a handful Golgotha’s colorful citizenry. There are many more, all of whom eventually play a role in the story’s central plot.

Raziel, another fallen angel calling himself Ray Ziel, has come to Golgotha to find the skull of the first mortal ever murdered. Within this aged relic has been imprisoned the essence of destruction. Should the skull be destroyed then this malevolent spirit would be released and infect all humans; turning them into mindless creatures of death. This is Raziel’s goal and to achieve it he sends out an ethereal call throughout the world calling only the most savage, cruel, monstrous people to heed his summons and come to Golgotha.

Thus Bick must ally himself with Sheriff Hightower and his supernaturally gifted associates in finding a way to battle Raziel and defeat his army of butchers before they can lay waste to the town and capture its treasure, the possessed skull.

The action never lets up for a second and Belcher juggles all his wonderful characters with a master’s touch, allowing each ample time with their various subplots while moving the main narrative forward. It is an unrelenting pace and the suspense mounts rapidly until upon reaching the final battle between good and evil, the reader is transfixed; mesmerized in such a skillful way unable to stop until the final page has been devoured. Weird westerns are easily one of the most popular genres of new pulps today and no one writes them better than R.S. Belcher. “The Shotgun Arcana” is a fantastic book lovers of the macabre are going to applaud long and hard. Miss this one to your regret.

The RevolutionSF Roundtable is the podcast of We talk about all brands of geek genres and culture with our brand of sci-fi smarty-pants. Subscribe and rate us on iTunes or use these links and listen now!

Pity The Fool: 80s Action TV

The 80s was a special time. TV was dominated by action shows, where the men saved orphanages from Colombian drug lords and corrupt businessmen, usually while driving a cool vehicle. Our co-hosts, Deanna Toxopeus and Gary Mitchel, having watched more than their fair share of these shows, gathered up some other action aficionadoes. Joining them on the trip down memory lane are Nathan Laws and Dan Haight. Also included is a special visit from Joe Crowe! They discuss the greatest contribution to cinema from the 80s, the musical montage, Gary’s obsession with breakfast cereal and the whole genre being a Robin Hood metaphor.

RevolutionSF Roundtable theme music is “20 Minutes of Oxygen” by Darkest of the Hillside Thickets. Find them at

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Mr. T and a unicorn!

Do what Mr. T says.

Earth Station Who Ep 91
Wakey, wakey! Christmas has come and delivered a new Doctor Who special for the ESW crew to review. Mike, Mike, Jen, and Phantom Troublemaker team up with the Doctor Puppet duo of Alisa Stern and Erin Natal to discuss the meeting between the Doctor and “Beardy-Weirdy Sweet Papa Crimbo.” We also go behind the scenes with the new Doctor Puppet adventure, “The Planet That Came for Christmas.” It’s an episode so festive, it’ll leave you with a tangerine in your stocking.

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For our Christian defenders of the realm, the family here at Star Mage would like to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas, for our Jewish defenders a very Happy Hanukkah, for everyone else a Happy Winter Solstice and a Happy New Year.

Chiristmas pin up

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