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Monthly Archives: September 2013

JC and Rita are off the mat and on the air for this week’s episode of TFA! The dynamic duo fight through their colds to review the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Dexter and the Mortal Instruments – City of Bones. They also give you their thoughts on their catchup of the Sci-Fi series Falling Skies.

You must hear JC’s spoiler-filled take on the Dexter finale.

In our Doctor Who segment, we talk up the latest 50th anniversary rumors and review the mini-sode the Rain Gods.

All this and much more on Episode 54!

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Meet ESO’s Michael Gordon and Bobby Nash at the Warner Robins Comic Con on Sunday, September 29th. has all the details. See you there.


By Ashley Bergner Box Office Buzz “With great power comes great responsibility.” That line from Marvel’s first “Spider-Man” movie has become so famous and is used so often it’s now almost a cliche. However, it’s still pretty good advice for superhero characters — and it’s advice Marvel seems to have taken to heart as a … Continue reading


On this episode, the ESO crew discusses something completely different. King Mike, his trusty steed Patsy Mike, the award-winning Sir Bobby the Brave, Sir Greg the Not-Quite-So-Award-Winning, Rebecca the Enchanter, Robert the Shrubber, and Sir Not-Appearing-in-this-Podcast risk just a bit of peril to discuss the classic comedy and there is much rejoicing. Plus, we also … Continue reading


This year Doctor Who celebrates 50 years, and this week the ESW crew celebrates 50 episodes! Mike, Mike, The Phantom Troublemaker, and the award-winning artist Mark Maddox review the seven-part classic Third Doctor story, while trying to avoid their doppelgangers – the Intern Faber, Adieu Gordon, The Phantom Organizer, and the Awardless Maddox. Hopefully the … Continue reading