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Monthly Archives: May 2013

JC and Rita are back for their big 40th episode! This week, the dynamic duo review Star Trek Into Darkness and tell you whose  was the better

Spoiler Inside SelectShow
. They get you caught up with Game of Thrones and talk to Scindo Media’s Christopher Middleton about his cool motion comic choose your own adventure Past Away.

What’s going on with the StarMage kickstarter? We give you the latest.

It was also a big week in Doctor Who, so Rita and Jason will be dissecting every single layer that was The Name of the Doctor. We tell you who John Hurt’s Doctor is and we give you some juicy 50th Anniversary rumors. We also let you know if the BBC is ready to force Steven Moffat to move on!

Meet Rita and Jason at TimeGate in Atlanta this Weekend! We’ll give you our panel schedule.

All this and more after the jump!

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What a show we have for you this week folks. We have Star Trek royalty joining as Garrett Wang, who played Ensign Harry Kim in Star Trek Voyager and is now the director of Trek Trak for DragonCon, will give us a chat about what’s going on with DragonCon Trek Trak, make two major announcements on appearances, talk about Star Trek Into Darkness and his opinion on the JJ Abrams franchise as well as his career and other amazing anecdotes.

We also have Dr. Scott Vigue to tell us why we shouldn’t hate Colin Baker’s Sixth Doctor. We tell you all about our trip to New Hampshire for Misti-Con and we give you the low down on our recently launched KickStarter campaign for Jason’s comic, StarMage.

We preview Ken Spivey Band’s New Doctor Who album, the Universe Yields.

Plus we review Nightmare in Silver and give you a preview of The Name of the Doctor!

So, let’s get to it!

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Schedule and links after the jump!

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KickstarterAs you folks know, StarMage is currently funding via KickStarter. Some of you might not know how this whole thing works:

Here’s the link:

Basically the way this works is you can contribute as little as $1 to whatever you want. The more you contribute, the better the reward you get for being a backer.

Better yet – you won’t be charged ANYTHING until the project is Orasmasfunded 29 days from now. If it fails to reach its goal, you will not be charged a cent.

StarMage is sci-fi fantasy geared for YA crowd – it is kid safe (no nudity/sex or gratuitous violence). Think Harry Potter in Space.

You can help one of two ways….
First: back me up!
It’s easy (especially if you’ve ever bought anything from Amazon)!
• Go to the link above.
• Click the green “Back this Project” button
• Choose your amount you feel comfortable with (again, this won’t charge for 29 days….or ever if we don’t get funded)
• Pick the reward level associated with the amount you contributed
• Check out like you would at Amazon!

Second: Help spread the word!
Maybe you’re not into comics. Maybe you don’t have kids or think sci-fi is baloney. Or you just don’t have the funds right now to contribute. That’s fine – you can still do me a huge solid by getting the world out to your peeps – co-workers, family and friends. Anyone you think might have the slightest interest. If you do the social media thing: tweet it, blog it, LJ it or FB it! The more people know about the more chance it will have to be successful.

Thanks guys! Appreciate any help you can give.

The post StarMage Kickstarter – How This Works! appeared first on Star Mage Comic.

Click here to join the campaign

The post StarMage #1 KickStarter Campaign appeared first on Star Mage Comic.




PRLog (Press Release) - May 16, 2013 - KickStarter has had its share of comic successes but today there’s a new story being written.

JC De La Torre’s StarMage project has been released and it boasts some very interesting themes.

“Its got a Harry Potter meets the Last Starfighter vibe to it,” says De La Torre, writer and creator of the new series. De La Torre is a published author with two novels, a short story collection and three novella length e-books.

De La Torre is also co-host of the sci-fi and fantasy podcastTransmissions From Atlantis.

Star Mage is about Darien Connors, a gifted 14 year old boy who discovers that not only is he not human but he’s part of an ancient war between alien magical races. While he learns of his legacy, destiny and importance to the battle, Darien establishes bonds with new, strange friends and learns his magical craft of Kishpu.

The first series consists of all of these elements as well as setting up the mythology of the Sarru Kishpu, the world of Eridu and their enemies. We’re introduced to Darien’s three friends – Unura, Tirwa and Anthaar – each aliens with their own powers that become crucial in the end game against their hated enemy Orasmas Xul Sarrum. We’re introduced to the school – Lambdu Kishpu. We learn of the hierarchy of the royal court and parliament of Eridu. While the story starts on Earth, we will be taken to the far reaches of the galaxy, meet new races and discover strange new worlds.

The first issue was illustrated by comic industry veteran and ultra-talented Ray Dillon, whose credits include the Game of Thrones webcomic, NY Times best selling graphic novel The Last Unicorn and RL Stine’s web comic series.

Both writer and Illustrator hope to raise enough funds to secure printing of at least the first issue and possibly the entire first series with the ultimate goal of having the comic printed by a major comics publisher.

To contribute to the StarMage campaign, visit:

About JC De La Torre: the creator and writer for StarMage. JC is sequential art scripter (comic book writer) and retired fiction novelist who lives in Wesley Chapel, Florida – a suburb of Tampa. His first comic series, Star Mage, will be released in 2013 and there are also plans to turn his previous written works into the sequential art form.

De La Torre has written two well reviewed novels, Ancient Rising and Rise of the Ancients – Annuna, as well as Nightmares from Eberus – A Speculative Fiction collection. He has also released to e-book the novellas for Continuum Force and the Serial Vampire series.

He is also co-host of the Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror podcast Transmissions From Atlantis. He can be reached for interview requests at

About Ray Dillon: the chief illustrator of StarMage.

He’s an artist and writer in comics, film, video games, trading cards and anything else he can get into.

He married to the beautiful and talented, Renae De Liz, also a professional (and way better) artist.

ARTIST: Comics, Film, Games, Cards, Kid’s Books, Novel Covers.

CLIENTS: StarMage, Game of Thrones, Borderlands 2: Origins (2k Games, IDW), Ridley Scott’s “Prophets of Science Fiction” & “Meteorite Men” on The Science Channel, Magnolia Pictures, R.L. Stine, Cemetery Dance, Marvel, DC, IDW, Image, Dark Horse, Archie, Science Channel, Warner Bros., Topps, Upperdeck, New Line, Scary Bits Films UK.

The post “Harry Potter in Space” Comic StarMage Seeks Kickstarter Backers For Launch appeared first on Star Mage Comic.