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Monthly Archives: February 2013

We’re back with another awesome Episode of the T-From the F-to the A!  First, we tackle the Dragon*Con Boycott Controversy, then we’ll review Life of Pi, we’ll give you the scoop on a major plot point in Transformers 4, plus tell you about the worst horror movie in history getting it’s own video game! We’re going to review not one but two episodes of the Walking Dead, we’ll tell you who we think should be recast as Han Solo in the new Star Wars flicks plus we have MAJOR Doctor Who Series 7 spoilers, whether Clara is a one season companion, the latest on Adventures of Time and Space and give you a Doctor Who Legacy Redux of the Tenth Planet!

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Our latest episode is up! Listen below or subscribe through iTunes!

Download: Privatization_of_Space_Investigation.mp3


In this episode, the three part investigation into the privatization of space begins. Will it be possible to book a flight to the moon in our lifetimes? Does Mr. Creature have the RIGHT STUFF to be an astronaut? Why is Mr. Flask hunting rabbits? All these questions and more will be answered in this exciting episode.


Jason and Rita are back with another fun filled installment of Transmissions From Atlantis. First – we discuss if we sue BBC for developing a show called Atlantis with a main character named Jason? We talk some of our favorite new shows in Sci-Fi and a new video game for Stargate. We review Battlestar Galactica Blood & Chrome as well as the latest episode The Walking Dead.

Jason gives you a huge announcement and in Transmissions Received we talk to artist extraordinaire Ray Dillon. In our Doctor Who segment, we have huge 50th anniversary rumors plus we chat about Jon Pertwee.

All this and much more on TFA!
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Dearly beloved geeks! We celebrate our 150th episode with the most guests ever! We gathered together at the new Titan Comics and Games in Smyrna, GA to discuss the current state of geekdom. ESO cohosts Mike, Mike and Bobby presided over the event with the following representatives: Anthony Taylor, award-winning artist Mark Maddox, Alex Autrey … Continue reading


This time we are looking at the Second Doctor story, “The Invasion.” This one was particularly interesting to watch as it’s been reconstructed with animation to fill in the missing episodes. …And I hadn’t seen it before.