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Monthly Archives: January 2013

It took forever but Episode 26 is finally up. If this is the first time you’ve listened to TFA – this one is a crackin’. We’re a riot as we goof our way through topics of conversation like JJ Abrams directing Star Wars, Possibly the mystery of Benedict Cumberbatch’s character in Star Trek Into Darkness being revealed by a prequel comic, Robotech, Spider Man, Battlestar Galactica, Walking Dead, Superman Lives – the Movie that never was and Hansel and Gretel.

We’re just getting started – we talk which actor is positioning himself to be the twelth doctor, we talk the series 7b premiere, we give you a preview of a posable David Tennant doll.

Still not satified? We give you a FULL review of Time Lord Fest 2013.

Finally, we wrap it up with our Legacy Who Redux – reviewing the Reign of Terror and giving you the scoop on the newly animated lost episodes in this classic first doctor serial.

Whoo…can you stand it? The full schedule and links are after the jump!

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This week, the ESO crew discusses those memorable tv moments that determined if a series went thumbs down or was making it so! Mike, Mike, and Bobby are joined by Jessa Phillips ( and Phantom Troublemaker ( spotlight the highs and lows of classic tv. Plus, award-winning fantasy writer M.B. Weston is betrayed by her … Continue reading


In news that is certain to make ESO’s Howdy Mike Gordon very happy, IDW Publishing and Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products have announced a partnership for a series of works based on the television and movie franchise, The X-Files. IDW’s publishing plan includes reprinting collections of the issues published intermittently from 1995 through 2009 (by … Continue reading


WITHIN, but maybe not too many***

watched the new FOX show The
the other night and it made enough of an impression on me that I
wanted to write some stuff.

to be clear, I had planned on watching the show even before I knew
fellow ESO Network host Bobby Nash was in it. For approximately
eight-tenths of a second. But I’ll get to his vital role in the
show in

TARZAN The Greystoke Legacy By Andy Briggs Open Road Media 177 pages Click more to read the review. We’d vaguely heard mention someone was going to be re-launching a new, modern version of Tarzan a while back then promptly forgot all about it. These kind of re-imaginings have been tried before with various pulp heroes; … Continue reading