Equal Time: 13 Questions With Quasi Mandisco of the Priority Males

I hope everybody read my
excellent Q&A with Platinum Championship Wrestling’s Johnny Danger
on Wednesday. It was a fun and informative read and I got a lot of
positive feedback.

And then I got a call
from Quasi Mandisco.

            I don’t know how he got
my number, but he was not happy. Mr. Mandisco demanded to know who
Johnny Danger’s agent was and how he had gotten interview time

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Article 51: Lower the Barrier

Doctor Who – Besieged is a (professionally done) Doctor Who/Alien crossover fan film and Ryan Hendrick is the driving force behind it. He also plays The Doctor in it. On the 49th anniversary of Doctor Who’s premiere, we got a chance to interview Rya…

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Earth Station Who Episode 23: Rose

Run! After almost ten years, The Doctor is back! Mike, Mike, Phantom Troublemaker, and special guest Christina Marie discuss the first episode of the Russell T Davies era. This episode is in…

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