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Monthly Archives: July 2012

The woman who brought us the Doctor’s first Gallifreyan companion, Romana, has passed away. Mary Tamm, age 62, lost her battle with cancer in a London hospital yesterday according to an article on the BBC website. A veteran on both small and big screen, Tamm’s film career spanned 39 years. She also was active on stage.

Tamm played Romana I opposite the fourth Doctor Tom Baker for 26 episodes in 1978-79 beginning with the Ribos Operation.  Her last appearance as Romana would be in 1979’s The Armageddon Factor (Part Six) when she was “regenerated” into actress Lala Ward.

“She was a darling companion and wonderfully witty and kind,” Baker said in an issued statement, “I’m so sorry to hear of her death.”

“She had a great zest for life,” her agent Barry Langford told the press, “She was a fantastic actress – she played stage parts of such range, parts that would take your breath away. She could play any role, and do so wonderfully.”

Mary is survived by her husband Marcus Ringrose, daughter Lauren and seven year old grandson Max.

We here at Transmissions From Atlantis offer our condolences to family.

Holy Episodes, Batman! We finally stopped fooling around and put together episode 8 of Transmissions From Atlantis. In this action packed installment, we review not one, not two but all three of Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy. Included in that of course is the Dark Knight Rises, the latest blockbuster. Is Bane as good as Heath Ledger’s Joker? We discuss in depth.

We’ll also let you in on the Jesus crab, which university has an Alien Hunter Course and 15 Sci-Fi Predictions that came true.

Sherlock in the modern world is hardly a novel concept but there appears to be a battle brewing as to who does it better – the Americans or the Brits? It’s CBS’ Elementary versus BBC’s Sherlock. Who wins? We’ll tell you.

We’ll talk Game of Thrones, as Elijah Wood (Frodo) got to sit on the Iron Throne and George R.R. Martin talked about which scene he is dreading seeing on the HBO television show.

Rita previews Kaza Kingsley’s Erec Rex fantasy series.

For our Doctor Who segment, we ask the question – How has the Doctor changed in the last 50 years? When will Matt Smith be leaving and what is the Doctor Who Experience?

We’ll wrap it up with our True Blood review!

See the schedule and important links after the jump!

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Welcome everyone, to my laboratory.  It sure feels good to be able to say that!

Our first episode focusing on the flying car is available.  You can find it on the episodes page of our website or Dr. Geek’s Laboratory Podcast in the ITunes store.  Please subscribe to our show.

We have been very busy around here.  You will notice updates slowly but surely coming to the laboratory’s website.  In the meantime make sure to follow us on:


Twitter:     @drgeeklab


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Due to our visit to the fathom event Star Trek The Next Generation 25th anniversary, Episode 8 has been slightly delayed – but fear not it is coming!

In this week’s episode, we’re going to get caught up in Batmania – not only reviewing The Dark Knight Rises, but also Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. We also ask the question – how has the Doctor (Doctor Who) changed in the last 50 years? In addition, Matt Smith gave a clue when (in his mind) he believes his time in the TARDIS will come to an end.

That plus Jesus on a Crab?

Stay tuned!

The official Transmissions From Atlantis TARDIS is now back together and whole! If you remember, we tragically had an incident with one of the police box signs that resulted in it being in a million pieces….but we were able to have the repairs done and she is again gracing us with her beautiful presence.