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Join JC and Rita as we celebrate our 100th episode of Transmissions From Atlantis. From Doctor Who to the Walking Dead to Manos the Hands of Fate, we’ve had awesome interviews, segments and a ton of fun for the past 100 episodes. Friends and colleagues join us in the celebration.

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JC and Rita De La Torre will be back at Tampa Bay Comic Con this weekend promoting JC’s comic series, Star Mage! Come see them at Artist Alley, Booth C9! This
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Earth Station One Ep 276
Geeks will live! Geeks will die! Geeks will get older and at some point need to reevaluate life choices! Mike, Mike, Phantom Troublemaker, and Mary Ogle discuss facing challenges as escapism and reality collide. Plus, illustrator and author Drew Geraci faces a crisis of his own in the Geek Seat! All this, along with the usual Rants, Raves, Khan Report, and Shout Outs!

Table of Contents
0:00:00 Show Open / Rants & Raves
0:16:09 Interview & Geek Seat w/ Illustrator and Author Drew Geraci
0:51:50 Geek Midlife Crisis
1:44:08 Doctor Geek’s Moment of Science
1:46:57 Khan Report
1:57:46 Show Close

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ESO Network Appearances

Aug 15 Doctor Who Comic Book Day at Borderlands (Greenville, SC)
ESW (MikeF, MikeG)

Aug 16 Atlanta Comic Convention
ESO (MikeF, MikeG)

Aug 21 Speakeasy Electroswing at Red Light Cafe (Atlanta, GA)

Sep 4-7 Dragon Con (Atlanta, GA)
ESMCU (Jen, John)
FLOPCAST (Kevin, Cornflake)
ADAM & JP (JP, Adam)
REVSF (Joe, Gary)
RACHET RETROCAST (Q, John Strangeway)
13TH HOUR (Debbie)

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Earth Station MCU Ep 23
With the release of Ant-Man, Marvel wraps up Phase 2. How does the diminutive hero compare to the Avengers? Where does it fit into the larger MCU? And how is the final product different from what Edgar Wright might have done? Join John​ and Jen for all this and Dubsmash battles, Doctor Strange casting, and Legos!

Earth Station MCU on Facebook
Earth Station MCU on WordPress
John Rabon at
John Rabon’s Cosplay page
No “Director’s Cut” for AoU
Tilda Swinton confirmed for Doctor Strange
Chris Evans joins the Dubsmash party
Could Blade be coming back? (and should it?)
Ant-Man Made in the Face of Impossible Odds

BONUS: Deanna Ingebrigtsen-Hardin, Friend and Dragon Con Volunteers Second in Command, Talks About Volunteering at Dragon Con!

This week Seriously Dan is joined by Dragon Con Volunteer Department Second in Command to talk about the greatest things that have ever happened to folks at Conventions. Most of these stories are from Dragon Con. These amazing tales range from personal family memories to encounters with stars and creators.

As a bonus, Deanna gives us a peak into the world of VOLUNTEERING for conventions, particularly Atlanta’s Labor Day Tradition: Dragon Con.

This week’s episode is again sponsored by Akaicon! The newest Anime Convention in Nashville, Akaicon welcomes guests Jason Marsden, Scott McNeill, Lauren Landa, and many more!

August 7 – 9, 2015
Cool Springs Convention Center – Franklin Marriott Hotel
Nashville, Tennessee




Earth Station MCU Ep 22
What’s this? Two podcasts in one day? Has Jen found the Time Gem? No, she’s just had her hands full and hasn’t had a chance to edit. In this episode, John and Jen recap the highs and lows of Marvel’s Phase Two, including Iron Man 3,Thor: The Dark World, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Guardians of the Galaxy,and Age of Ultron. You’ll have to wait for the next episode to hear our thoughts on Ant-Man. We also discuss what we’re looking forward to in Phase Three, including the introduction of new characters, sequels, and three huge team-up movies. Of course, since we recorded this shortly after SDCC, we also talk about the latest news on Agent Carter, Agents of SHIELD, and the rest of the MCU as well.

Earth Station MCU on Facebook
Earth Station MCU on WordPress
John Rabon at
John Rabon’s Cosplay page
Daredevil Season 2 filming
Elektra cast for Daredevil Season 2
Agent Carter at SDCC
Agent Carter Panel
Agents of SHIELD at SDCC
Dubsmash Wars at SDCC