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JC and Rita are back with their latest Transmissions From Atlantis! This time, we’re talking Netflix’s new original series Voltron – Legendary Defender! Is it a worthy reboot of the classic anime series? We also have exclusive interviews with the voice of the Daleks Nicolas Briggs as well as the eighth Doctor Paul McGann and we have other Doctor Who news to talk about. Finally, we have another rapid fire segment where we tackle Game of Thrones, X-men, Finding Dory, Star Trek killing fan films and more.

Join us for another thrilling transmission!

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Earth Station One Ep 324
*WARNING THIS EPISODE IS NOT FOR KIDS* ESO is off to see the Wizard! Mike and Mike are joined by friends of Dorothy Darren Nowell and Moxie Anne Magnus as they look over and under the rainbow. Plus, Moxie finds herself out of the Salonbay and into the Geek Seat! All this, along with the usual Rants, Raves, Khan Report, Geek Girl’s Take, and Shout Outs!

Table of Contents
0:00:00 Show Open / Rants & Raves
0:11:35 The Geek Seat w/ Moxie Anne Magnus
0:35:07 The Wizard of Oz
1:27:49 A Geek Girl’s Take
1:29:36 The Khan Report
1:41:53 Show Close

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Moxie Magnus
Tales from Salonbay
The Wizard of Oz on DVD
The Wizard of Oz by Marvel Comics

ESO Network Upcoming Appearances

Jun 30 – Jul 3 CONvergence (Bloomington, MN)
FLOP (Kevin & Mayor of Chickentown)

Jul 9 – Doctor Who Comic Day @ Borderlands (Greenville, SC)

Jul 16 – Speakeasy Electro Swing @ Red Light Cafe (Atlanta, GA)

Aug 14 – Atlanta Comic Convention
ESO (MikeF, MikeG)

Aug 19 – Speakeasy Electro Swing @ Red Light Cafe (Atlanta, GA)

Sept 2-5 Dragon Con (Atlanta, GA)
ESO Network

Oct 7-9 Monsterama (Atlanta, GA)
ESO (MikeG, MikeF)

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monster scifi cover 62916

The big 3 news items this weeks:

  • We have a new kitten named Kylo
  • Walt Disney Animation Presentation on July 30, 2016
  • Can’t Stop the Serenity with special guest Connie

As mentioned before, there is a new article on MoviePilot about the new Voltron series on Netflix. Click here to read it.

Lastly, below is more information about the Can’t Stop the Serenity program.

The Adam and JP Show

In this Adam and Jp Show, the boys attempt to answer some of the most important questions facing our society….

Will Donald Trump cause the zombie apocalypse?

What 80s alien would you bring home to your family?

What is the best Wolf Man Movie?

Plus, Justice League news and The Legend of D.B. Cooper


Adam and Jp Website

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The ESO 2016 Dragon Con Khan Report Ep 6
The big event is only a little over two months away and Mike, Mike, Darren Nowell, Dakoma Sanchez, and Nikki Rau-Baker share all the latest news and announcements. Featuring a frank discussion on diversity at Dragon Con – past, present, and future. Plus, reports from Michelle Biddix-Simmons and Eternal Zan.

Table of Contents
0:00:00 Show Open, Dragon Con News, Guest List, Diversity @ Dragon Con
1:03:25 Drop By Dragon Con w/ Michelle
1:23:09 Eternal Zan – The Atlanta Hilton
1:39:00 Show Close

DragonCon Newbies
Geek Behind The Lens
Drop By DragonCon
Lady Helhath on Facebook
Has a list of all the Dragon Con hotel/rooms communities including those not on Facebook
Official hotel info

If you would like to leave feedback or a comment on the show please call the ESO feedback line at (404)963-9057 (remember long distance charges may apply) or feel free to email us @