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JC’s Progress Meters

StarMage #1 - Darien

22/ 22 pages. 100.0% done!

StarMage #2 - Eridu

22/ 22 pages. 100.0% done!

StarMage #3 - Rebellion and Desertion

23/ 23 pages. 100% done!

StarMage #4 - A Troubling Search

22/ 22 pages. 100% done!

StarMage #5 - The Ghosts of the Past

22/ 22 pages. 100% done!

StarMage #6 - The Planet of Sorrows

22/ 22 pages. 100% done!

Ancient Rising - The Graphic Novel

10/ 100 pages. 10.0% done!

White Chapel #1 - The Letter (with Martin Dunn)

5/ 22 pages. 22.7% done!

JC and Rita with a very special program this week as they begin their Dragon Con 2014 coverage with Brit Track’s Caro Brown. We give you all the scoop on this year’s Brit Track, which covers Doctor Who, Sherlock and pretty much everything having to do with British media.

Plus, the duo go back in TFA’s past and bring back their first ever guest, film maker Curtis Woodside. Curtis’ new film, Fear of Hue, premieres on YouTube on the 1st of August.

All this plus Thor’s a girl?

Download Now!

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Ratchet RetroCast Ep 35Message for you sirs! Stop us if we’re being too silly, but today, the RetroCast is talking about Monty Python. Listen in as Q, Ratchet, John and Ashley share their favorite memories and sketches from the legendary comedy troupe as well as their final live show and their impact on comedy. They also manage to pull it together for the most coordinated show ever in the Ratchet Retrospective about Weird Al Yankovic and the Clockwork Conversations interview with Kato before throwing it to the llamas in Final Thoughts. So don’t grumble and be prepared to whistle for this episode of the Ratchet RetroCast!

Show Notes:
Monty Python’s Flying Circus
Monty Python Live (Mostly)
Life of Brian’s Heresy Debate circa 1979
Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Graham Chapman’s Eulogy
Live at Aspen
Superman Skit
Undertaker Skit
Top 10 Skits
Cleese on Creativity

Ratchet RetroSpective: Weird Al Yankovic
Weird Al
His latest album, Mandatory Fun

Clockwork Conversations with Kato

Steampunk Couture
Salt City Steamfest

Final Thoughts
R.I.P. James Garner
Dash Con
Monster Con

ESO Ep 224Excuse me! This week, the ESO crew spotlights the actor, writer, musician, and balloon twister extraordinaire Steve Martin. Mike, Mike, and Shiksa Ravelli take a look at his life from his Jerky beginnings to his recent Grammy Award winning bluegrass albums and everything in between. With this being Shiksa’s first visit to the station, we of course formally introduce her to The Geek Seat! We also Rant and Rave about the final Monty Python performance in London. Plus, the usual Khan Report and Shout Outs!

Join us for yet another episode of The Earth Station One Podcast we like to call: The Wild & Crazy Career of Steve Martin

Table of Contents
0:00:00 Intro / Welcome
0:05:26 Rants & Raves
0:20:52 Shiksa Ravelli (fan) Interview & Geek Seat
0:33:36 The Wild & Crazy Career of Steve Martin
1:21:00 Doctor Geek’s Moment of Science
1:22:46 ESO Khan Report
1:30:34 ESO Shout Outs & Show Close

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Make-A-Wish Foundation
Bobby Nash

ESO Khan! Appearances

Jul 26 Hart Memorial Central Library
DGEEK (Dr. Geek)
13HR (DebbieV)

Aug 1-2 Rockabilly Luau (Austell, GA)
ESO (MikeG)

Aug 1-3 Monsterama (Atlanta, GA)
ESO (MikeF)

Aug 1-3 Tampa Bay Comic Con
TFA (JC & Rita)

Aug 8 Speakeasy Electro Swing Atlanta at Red Light Café
RRETRO (Doctor Q)

Aug 8-10 Boston Comic Con
ESO (MikeG)

Aug 9 Barnes & Noble
ESO (MikeF & Phantom)

Aug 10 Atlanta Comic Convention

Aug 15 Speakeasy Electro Swing Summerslam
Doctor Q

Aug 29-Sep 1 Dragoncon
ESO Network (All)

Sept 12-14 Fan Boy Expo (Tampa, FL)
DGEEK (Dr. Geek)
13HR (DebbieV)
TFA (JC & Rita)

Sept 13 CreativeCon (Panama City Beach, FL)
ESO (Bobby)

Sept 27 Dr Geek’s Science Fair (Bradenton, FL)
DGEEK (Dr. Geek)

Oct 3-5 Archon (St. Louis, MO)

Oct 19 Time Lord Fest (Tampa, FL)
TFA (Jason & Rita)
DGEEK (Dr. Geek)

Dec 6-7 Farragut Fest (Kingsland, GA)
ESO (Bobby, MikeG)

If you would like to leave feedback or a comment on the show please call the ESO feedback line at (404)963-9057 (remember long distance charges may apply) or feel free to email us @

Destiny Beta talk, June NPDs, Xbone Update Incoming, FF14, the walking dead is coming, Corona? The Cat Mario Show? Borderlands Presequel trailer, Nintendo mixing up their elite status rewards, and so much more on this weeks whiskey hour with the Respawn Radio crew.

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Driving back from Alabama Phoenix FestivalVan thinks back over the weekend that was, then discusses several key things to keep in mind when writing a novel.

On iTunes “White Rocket Podcast” and at 1